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Not sure whether to consider a text marketing campaign?  Before making a decision, consider this—text marketing solves three critical problems not addressed by most other media: invitation, motivation, and effectiveness tracking.

Invitation.  Most companies that use text messaging use phone lists from their own databases or purchased phone lists targeted to the appropriate demographics.  This means that all users receiving texts have approved the communications in question, effectively “inviting” you to reach out to them in this manner.   This draws an important line, distinguishing solicited from unsolicited advertising, positioning text messaging campaigns to enjoy the higher conversion yields that only solicited communications can bring.

Motivation.  Text ads have two important things going for them: they’re short enough to be read in their entirety and users remain more attentive to their phones than any other communications medium.  This is where the “motivation” comes in.  Unlike with television ads that users might fast forward through, or web page banner ads (which people tend to gloss over), most people check their text messages immediately and read them in full.  Since users have not yet been desensitized to text messaging ads, in the current environment, they remain a powerful tool.

Effectiveness Tracking.  Unlike traditional marketing media, text message campaigns can deliver effectiveness metrics for your entire target population, not just a small sample.  Many emerging media applications still lack sophisticated or straightforward analytics, but text marketing feedback can be immediate, unambiguous, and complete.

So, what are some rules for helping a text marketing campaign become a success?  Executing flawlessly on the basics is advised.  This means pithy, we’ll-written ad messages, landing pages that are compelling and format correctly on mobile devices, and the use of a service provider that is set up to produce robust reports.

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