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We already decried the merits of e-mail marketing. We talked about how cheap, fast, and effective it is. If you’re ready to get on track and need a few tips, we can get you started with a comparison of some well-known service providers:

Mail Chimp.  If you’re just looking for a mail solution, Mail Chimp takes the Orville Redenbacher approach to the e-mail marketing space, basically offering one core service (e-mail marketing) without trying to diversify around multiple products. While most competitors are busy trying to prove that they can do not only e-mail marketing but also a slew of other things, Mail Chimp is focused on being great at e-mail marketing. The core product has a few social media capabilities, but is mainly focused on e-mail development and reporting.

Vertical Response.  Companies like Vertical Response differentiate themselves through extended offerings in digital media. In addition to e-mail marketing and common adders like social media and mailing list services, the Vertical Response offering extends into online surveys, event marketing, and digitized direct mail services. Customers with mobile smartphones can link to the Roost app to connect to their Vertical Response account and make some transactions on-the-go. Video demos and paid support services for busy entrepreneurs make the service as attractive for self-servers as for those looking to farm the heavy-lifting out.

Constant Contact.  If you’ve been in business for more than a few years, you’ve heard of Constant Contact. This company built its niche catering to DIY business owners without much technical training and little money for a marketing budget. They have expanded into surveys and social media, and are trying to freshen its image with offerings like Save Local (which lets customers “create and share local deals” a la Groupon). Its greatest strength is still in its easy-to-use templates, so if you want fast results with minimal effort, Constant Contact could be a good choice for you.

There are more service providers to choose from and initiating a web search will yield a number of others among them MyEmma, iContact, Benchmark, and Bronto. So choosing one that fits your business goals, budget, skill level and personality is the best way to proceed. You can of course contact Somethumb to help you create the perfect email and choose the right email marketing service provider.

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