Creating a Fresh Brand Identity, and Making it Last

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New BrandFresh. Sharp. Impactful. Every modern brand wants to make the same impression on its users online. Yet, pleasing users by giving them the experience they expect can come at the expense of showcasing newer, better, features that you’re hoping they’ll come to like. Here’s some advice for creating an intuitive user experience while still putting your best foot forward. These strategies will yield excellent results while also boosting your brand:

Be Fresh. When confronted with too many choices, users opt for what is different.  The modern-day dilemma isn’t one of how to find what one is looking for, but how to narrow down to the choice that fits the best. Giving the impression that your product is different will get the attention of your user. Especially for products and services that are fundamentally identical to competitors’, it is important to appear fresh.

Be Sharp. Brands are most powerful when they expose users to content and aesthetics that are (literally and figuratively) in focus. This means presenting clear visual elements and easily-comprehended written messages to go along with them. Users confronted with a fresh-looking web site will be compelled to look farther, but won’t stay for long if they don’t find information presented in a way that allows them to quickly connect. It is the “picture is worth 1,000 words” simile in action. Sharpness creates instant connection.

Be Impactful. In other words, don’t bury your best content. Internet users are fickle.  Place whatever key messages, information, or aesthetic elements you’d like your user to see in the places where they are likely to see them without having had to exert much effort. Use your brand’s authentic voice, but don’t be afraid to place short, readable statements that promote your goals front and center. Approach your customers proactively, even on your own web site—don’t depend on them to come to you.

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