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2for1golf.com is an online retailer targeted to busy enthusiasts who want straightforward access to the best deals and the most savings at nearly 350 premier golf courses throughout California, Nevada, Hawaii, Oregon, Utah and Arizona. During its initial work for the company, SomeThumb designed a site optimized for the effective display of a wide product selection and a quick path to sale.

2for1golf, now in its 24th year of business, has successfully evolved and adapted to the changing consumer environment. Built upon this philosophy, the implementation of Cyber Monday e-mail campaigns during the past few years have yielded remarkable results. The following case study describes the foundations, strategies and outcomes:

2for1golf Cyber Monday

The Building Blocks

2for1golf maintains an e-mail contact list comprised of three kinds of prospective customers: those who visited a 2for1golf booth at a trade show or event, those who signed up for the newsletter after visiting 2for1golf.com, and those who have purchased from 2for1golf in the past. These lists were an effective starting point for a campaign since those targeted had already expressed an interest in 2for1golf’s products and services. Being successful became a matter of anticipating what types of promotions might hold appeal for prospective buyers in each group.

Our Strategic Approach

In addition to creating the technical infrastructure to execute, manage, and understand the results of a single day campaign, SomeThumb helped 2for1golf think through strategies that could help make the sale successful. Meeting customer expectations, such as offering a discount of comparable magnitude of competitors, was key (the average discount offered for this year’s final event was a 20%); it was also important to have knowledge that allowed for customization to the greatest degree possible (e.g., knowing what types of products individual customers were interested in, whether based on purchase history or other provided insights).

The Outstanding Results

On Cyber Monday alone, in a single day, 2for1golf generated revenue in excess of 19% of their annual sales. The results of this effective email campaign are as follows: Some 23% of e-mail recipients opened the Cyber Monday mailing; 8% of the total recipients clicked on an ad and visited the site; and 1.5% of the total recipients converted, purchasing with an average sale of $58. It’s also important to note that 66% of all sales were generated from customers who had purchased from 2for1golf in the past, proving that repeat customers and customer retention should be a priority for any business. The cost of using an e-mail distribution service to send the event promotion was such that ROI exceeded 4000%, including the cost of creating the HTML emails themselves!


2for1golf was successful because of its commitment to maintaining relationships with customers that already knew and liked the company, and by proactively showing its dedicated base the very best deals it was prepared to offer. A second key to success was 2for1golf’s ongoing commitment to keeping its site fresh and appealing, a practice which helped build its mailing list throughout the years.

For more information about best practices and creating a great Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, or Giving Tuesday email campaign event, contact Somethumb Web Design.

The information contained within this case study is proprietary. If you would like to copy or reproduce this case study, please request permission via e-mail in advance.

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