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Why Do I Need Security?

You may believe that if you are not a retail website or don’t otherwise have the type of sensitive information typically sought out by criminals, you need not worry much about securing your website. But today’s attackers have evolved along with technology to the point where credit card numbers or financial information aren’t the only things of value to them. If you don’t believe that, there are a number of scantily clad celebrities who would be quick to clue you in. Anything on your website, any bits of information, are vulnerable to becoming targets in ways you may never have considered.


How Much Security Do I Really Need?

As with everything else, time marches on in technology, resulting not only in tremendous advances and capabilities, but also in gaping new holes through which would-be attackers are always scheming to sneak. Security measures that used to be considered an impenetrable wall are quickly turning into little more than a rusty padlock on a weathered door – easily compromised with minimal effort by a properly motivated hacker.

These days it makes sense to preempt all possible kinds of intruder attacks by securing not just sensitive information, but ALL information. You need to lock down your entire website. If this sounds like overkill, think about the many ways attackers now have for gaining access to various pieces of your information.

Passive attackers are nosy intruders who silently watch and listen in, collecting all kinds of information from you for their benefit. Stock tips? Shopping habits? Check and check. While they don’t attack overtly, in some ways they are worse than active attackers as they can go completely undetected by you, quietly harvesting whatever they like from your website for their own use – from phishing to theft.

Active attackers invade in the same ways but take things much further. They may take control of your website, impersonating you, changing your website, siphoning money, or countless other crimes.

These attacks can arrive in many shapes and forms, and at various points of your website, depending on the type of information being targeted. With technology changing as rapidly as it does, securing only parts of your website is like locking all your doors at night but leaving all the windows open. And intruder can and will find a way in.

Lock it Down – Go https://

This all sounds very daunting, and you may be wondering, “How difficult will it be to fully protect my website?”and “How expensive?”. The answer to both questions is – not very. As a way to protect you and your customers from intruders, An SSL Certificate takes a three-pronged approach to securing your website – authentication, data integrity, and encryption – forming the strongest protection against attackers currently available.

And these days, purchasing an SSL Certificate has become commonplace, competitively priced, and easy to install on most VPS web servers and shared hosting packages. More complex websites will naturally be more involved and may require a slightly higher investment up front; however, taking a proactive step now in protecting yourself and your visitors and customers from prying eyes and nefarious acts will prove invaluable both now and in the future.

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