“Lifestyles” Marketing Is a Great Way to Connect

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Recently, marketers have found that people will visit websites that cater to a potential customer’s believed lifestyle or the lifestyle they wish to have. They may want a good or service that will fit into the world they see themselves living in. If a product is aligned with that perceived sense of self, there is a good chance that a consumer will purchase this product. A good example of a website that does this form of marketing very well is: http://www.fitbit.com .

Fitbit sells activity trackers in a variety of shapes and forms. “There is a Fitbit Product for Everyone,” the website proclaims. Their Home Page breaks down the trackers into several categories: Everyday, Active and Performance products. There are photos of young, good-looking adults wearing these items, while on the go. But they aren’t the only ones featured on the site. There’s a video encouraging folks to “find their fit”, with people from all walks of life doing a variety of things wearing various kinds of fitbits. Check out the video: http://www.fitbit.com/home#i.hv9uw6zf1eiqu9. (Also note that it has been found that videos take precedence over photos and photos take precedence over text in client’s minds.)

Last month, we discussed brand advocacy, and in this vein, fitbit.com is also a shining example of this. For example, they use their support for a nonprofit in a fun way that is aligned with their firm’s mission. Fitbit supports the American Heart Association, and is sponsoring a “head to head baseball challenge” of two sports stars, Hunter Pence and Dee Gordon, vying for a $10,000 prize going to the AHA. (See http://www.fitbit.com/celebrity-challenges#i.hv9uw6zf1eiqu9).

Also, regarding marketing to a customer’s “wants,” a firm may set itself apart from others in a particular industry. A shining example of doing this well this is http://www.aveeno.com . Skin products that are made in a more organic way appeal to many people for whom using natural ingredients on their skin is important. The company marries natural ingredients with scientific know-how that appeals to many today.

Of course, products and services are also featured on websites that provide a solution to a would-be client’s problem or dilemma, if a customer has a particular need they want to fill (as opposed to a “want.”) Lawyers’ sites, for example, provide specific services to people that have particular problems. Their sites are often cataloged by the specific focus that the lawyers have; i.e.: Taxes/Estate Planning; or Accident/Injury. These websites are structured differently for obvious reasons. Clients want concrete information on the lawyers’ areas of expertise, and also resume-type information on the lawyers themselves. (See http://www.lawyer.com )

The days of selling a product for the product’s sake are for the most part, over. Connecting to customers through lifestyle or personally-held beliefs are great ways to satisfy a “want.” But providing concrete solutions for a particular customer “need,” as in the case of our lawyer scenario, may be more useful in those instances. Whether a company is satisfying a want or a need for people, the bottom line for generating effective web content is to provide information in a package that successfully connects people with a product or service.

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