Somethumb is a small Bay Area website design firm based in Walnut Creek, CA and incorporated in January 2003. We have over twenty years of experience designing and creating results-oriented websites for businesses and non-profits alike. The company is known for its sleek, engaging and user-friendly website designs. These new or revamped websites often drive a lot more business to the firms as well as increased visits to the sites. Excellent client service is of utmost importance to Somethumb.  Responsiveness to its customers is key to the company’s overall success. 

Creative Ideas // Design

We create intrigue, crafting visuals so immediately engaging that visitors can’t help but stay for the ride. Impactful graphics mixed with expert foundational design make our clients marketing collateral unforgettable.

Our designers thrive on high fidelity. We listen closely for our clients authentic voices, translating what we hear into our work. Our deliverables show precisely who our clients are and say exactly what they mean. Design services include:

Intelligent Solutions // Development

We make your site hum. On any device. New platforms and changing compatibility requirements don’t scare us. Somethumb sites create universal access without sacrificing function or design, letting users interact with information in intuitive ways.

From iPhone to Android, from Galaxy to Kindle, from Windows to Linux to Mac OS, our expert developers, and the meticulous testing and quality assurance standards they employ, guarantee sites that are fast, optimized, and bug-free.

Services include:

Lasting Impressions // Marketing

We help our clients touch who they want to reach, when and where they want to reach them, with content that is competitive and fresh. Success means getting the timing right: building for our clients future while ensuring that audiences are met (and captivated) exactly where they stand today.

From emerging plays such as social networking to more traditional tactics including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), e-mail campaigns, and paid advertising, we build airtight digital marketing strategies and manage them expertly. At Somethumb we hear, and echo, the call of our clients loudly enough for the world to hear.

Services include: